We are trusted advisors to the MSMEs. We help them respond to today’s incredible pace of change to stay competitive and add value to society.

At Possible, you learn how to

  • navigate complexity,
  • draw unique insights,
  • facilitate change, and
  • become a leader responsible for real and lasting impact.

Challenged by mentors and supported by teams, you will join a diverse group of highly driven, exceptional individuals who respect and trust each other. In a culture where ideas are heard regardless of tenure, the deep relationships you develop with clients and colleagues will become a foundation for your future endeavors.

Supported by our excellent team of experts, your career will dramatically accelerate through fast learning and rapid advancement. Your experiences will help you find deep personal meaning as you develop a platform for future success. Whether you are here for five years or five decades, you will become a part of our heritage of game-changing ideas, business model innovation, and reshaping of landscapes.

Is POSSIBLE for me?

At POSSIBLE, you will do more than just analysis. And we require more than just good grades.

Our aspiration is to change clients, industries, business, even society. Your success in this depends more on your talents than on the focus of your degree. People with a background in many subjects—business, philosophy, engineering, finance—thrive at POSSIBLE. We do, however, seek certain common traits.

  1. Path Finding: In our client work there are many unknowns and complexity. We look for people who can see a path through the unknown and bring clarity. Can you draw insight from ambiguity? Can you convert the energy of disagreement into a productive solution? As we get to know you, we will look for the observation, judgment, and decisiveness that characterize path finders.
  2. Curiosity: Curiosity is the starting point of change. We seek people who care enough about a client’s problem to understand it. Who care enough about performance to improve it. Do you see patterns in the challenges faced by businesses that you have observed, worked in, or launched? Do you wonder why one competitor in a “mature” industry thrives while others fail? Curiosity is the common spark igniting POSSIBLE’s client impact, our business thought leadership, and your contributions.
  3. Leadership: A path is useless unless you can lead others to it. Can you persuade with facts and with empathy? Can you bring traffic to the road less traveled? At POSSIBLE, we see teams as a means not only to solve problems but to lead. We enjoy intense interaction among junior POSSIBLEers, senior partners, and clients. Here leadership is not tied to hierarchy or experience. Your voice and ideas are valued regardless of your tenure. And your reward for arguing and implementing your ideas? The leader you become in the process.
  4. Impact: The end of curiosity, path finding, and leadership is impact. Can you demonstrate the results of a direction or cause that you have championed? Do you have huge ambitions about what you and a team of committed people can do to positively change an organization? We seek these opportunities in our work with the MSMEs. And we seek these qualities in our people.

Our Culture

We are connected by strong values and a passion for our task. We believe in shaping a better world—through the success of our client organizations and the success of our people. And we strive every day to live up to our values in our client work and beyond.

We have an unwavering commitment to independence and open partnership. We believe in entrepreneurial freedom, respect for the individual, the power of diversity, and flat hierarchies. We encourage constructive dissent, exchange of ideas, and a quest for quality to expand the art of the possible. Hierarchy is replaced with teams of engaged equals in which ideas trump tenure. We are built on the wealth that shared ideas create.

We believe that diversity and respect create many advantages: from expansive skills dedicated to new solutions to simply more exciting coffee breaks.

We are committed to making the consulting career sustainable. Our concept of “sustainable intensity” is a groundbreaking effort: It has allowed us to create the highest value for our clients while making work flexible for our people.

We are committed to you and your success. We deeply believe that our unique environment and world-class people development platforms will create unparalleled opportunities for you: broad choices, fast learning, and rapid advancement.

Our culture is our strongest differentiator. You will grow in a unique, stimulating environment.

Career Path

As a new hire, you would typically join as an associate or a consultant, depending on your academic qualifications and professional background. After gaining sufficient experience and expertise, your career path could lead to being a project leader, later a principal, and perhaps eventually a partner in the company.


Our practice is recognized for its innovation, insight, and expertise. Our culture is renowned for its extensive choices, unrivalled apprenticeships, and rapid advancement. Start your career at a company that consistently ranks as the leader in its field as well as one of the best places to work.

POSSIBLE’s continued rapid growth demands that we attract exceptional people. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

To build the strongest and most creative team, we recruit high achievers from colleges and universities around the globe. Our only requirements are that you are seeking an intellectually stimulating career and are ready for the continuous challenge of finding insight—even when there is no obvious solution. Quite simply, we are looking for the talented people who will play a part in developing POSSIBLE’s next breakthrough ideas.

As such, we place recruiting teams on campuses to help interested students connect with us and better understand the challenges and opportunities of a consulting career at POSSIBLE.

Although we accept applications at any time, our primary recruiting season in many countries is from January to March.