About Possible Group


Possible is the first consulting firm to focus consulting exclusively for MSMEs only. Today we work with MSMEs and have helped several of them become global champions. We partner with them, work to drive growth, passion through latest global management techniques.

We continue developing an unequalled amount of high quality knowledge, data, and analytics, on MSME specific topics, globally.

We are passionate about building future business leaders from MSME segment.

We have plans to recruit the best talent from entrepreneurship B schools, globally, invest heavily in their development, and put a major focus on building our clients’ capabilities.

Besides being into Business Growth Advisory Services, we are also into promoting products from SMEs across the globe in India and outsourcing products for Global SMEs from Indian SMEs.

Thus our services include:

  1. Business Growth for MSMEs, globally.
  2. Business Representative for Global SMEs in India.
  3. Outsourcing Agents for Global SMEs from India.

Core Values

Our values are essentially our core. They are non-negotiable. They are who we are – we hire on them and we would fire on them.

Our company values are not just something we hang on the wall, they are what we measure ourselves against daily. They are lived, celebrated and invested in.

These are our values, understand them and you will understand us:

  1. We support each other to get the job done and no job is beneath any of us. We have found that, together, we are so much stronger than as individuals, we are united and very close – we are more than a team, we are the ‘possible family’
  2. Flawless execution is the name of our game. We love going beyond expectations and delighting our clients.
  3. We have smashed targets against all the odds, even in challenging times. We are an inspired organization and we know that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
  4. We are open and honest about expectations, experience and feedback with each other and our clients. It is not always what we want to hear, but it differentiates us.
  5. We live and display contagious energy and enthusiasm at all times. We have incredible fun and are inspired to come to ‘work’ each day. Crazy, Wacky, Different – that’s who we are!
  6. We are passionate about helping each other and our clients grow as well as our own personal development. We invest in learning, we share knowledge and we promote from within. We grow here and we have fun while growing.